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Introducing the apex of two years of familial exploration and passion – our latest product, the SD Charcoal! 

At Sur Direct, as we expand our brand and product offerings, we remain determined in our commitment to uphold the authentic and traditional flavours of Latin America and our heritage ways.

Our dedication extends beyond taste; we prioritise product quality, consistency, and the origin of our ingredients.

Rooted in the essence of wood fire and charcoal cooking, our commitment to this time-honoured method is unwavering. 

We present to you our new product. 

100% Natural Superior Australian Hardwood Charcoal. Enjoy yourself in the distinctive taste of Argentinian-style charcoal with our exclusive GRILLER RANGE. 

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a backyard grill master, our charcoal offers the authentic, high-quality cooking experience you’ve been searching for.

We understand the importance of quality in your cooking experience. That’s why we meticulously source and sort our charcoal to deliver consistent, top-notch performance every time.

Choose SD Charcoal and enjoy the distinction of our ritual. Low and slow, and aromas of clean wood-fire smoke.

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