Achuras (Offal)

Achuras (Offal) 

A Culinary Delight!

When it comes to the traditional Asado Argentino, or Argentinian barbecue, achuras (offal) are a must-have. 

Without achuras, it simply isn't an authentic asado! At least for us! 

Here, we delve into our top three favorite and most popular achuras in Argentina, focusing on the best options from cattle.


1. Molleja (Sweetbread)
Molleja is a gland found near the animal’s heart and throat. Should be cooked crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 

We suggest using heart molleja for barbecuing as it contains more fat, which helps with slow rendering. 

Your butcher should have ready without need for cleaning or fat removal—just add salt. Cook each side for 30 minutes over medium heat. Until golden - crispy outside.


2. Chinchulines (Small Intestines)
Chinchulines! Once cooked, it should have a soft interior and a crunchy exterior. 

While some fat should be removed, leaving a little enhances the flavours, it’s recommended. 

Cut into 10-centimeter pieces and marinate with Mild Chimichurri for 30 minutes. Or lemon juice! Cook over a medium fire for 25 minutes on each side, or until they no longer stick to the grill.


3. Riñones (Kidneys)
Riñones can be quite flavourful, with the smaller ones being less intense in aroma and taste. 

To mellow the flavours, soak the kidneys in a mixture of half white vinegar and water for two hours in the fridge. If you enjoy the robust taste of riñones, simply rinse them under running water. Always remove the membrane before cooking.

You can cook them whole or slice them into finger-sized pieces. For sliced kidneys, cook over high heat for around 5 minutes until medium. For whole kidneys, cook each side for 15 minutes at least,over medium heat.


Enjoy these achuras for a traditional Argentinian barbecue experience!

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