What Makes a Good Charcoal?

The quality of charcoal can vary significantly depending on how it is produced and the type of wood used. 

Here are some key factors that we believe contribute to making a good charcoal:

  1. Natural and Sustainably Sourced Wood: High-quality charcoal starts with premium hardwood, such as oak, hickory, or Australian hardwood, sourced sustainably, and locally or closest, to minimise environmental impact. The wood's natural density and composition influence the burn rate and heat output.
  2. Minimal Additives and Fillers: The best charcoal contains minimal to no additives or fillers. Pure charcoal burns cleaner and produces less ash, providing a more consistent cooking experience.
  3. High Heat Output: Good charcoal should burn hot, providing the high temperatures needed for searing and achieving that perfect crust on meats and vegetables. Consistent heat output ensures an even cooking process.
  4. Long Burn Time: Charcoal that burns for an extended period allows for longer cooking times without the need for constant refuelling. This is especially important for slow-cooking and smoking.
  5. Low Ash Production: Quality charcoal produces minimal ash during combustion. This makes cleanup easier and ensures more efficient heat distribution.
  6. Distinctive Flavour: Charcoal made from certain types of wood can impart unique, smoky flavours to food. High-quality charcoal should enhance the taste of your meals without overwhelming them.

By considering these factors when selecting your charcoal, you can elevate your cooking experience and create flavourful, and memorable meals every time you fire up the grill.

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