Empanadas are delightful pastries that can be compared to meat pies, curry puffs, sambousek, or sfeeha. 

These closed pies are made with either puff pastry or shortcrust dough depending which type you’re making.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, millions of Europeans migrated to Argentina, bringing with them their culinary traditions. 

Additionally, many people from the Middle East, particularly Syria and Lebanon, sought new opportunities in South America. 

They primarily settled in the Buenos Aires and Córdoba provinces, adding a rich cultural diversity to the region.

Argentine cuisine is heavily influenced by Spanish and Italian cooking, but the Middle Eastern settlers introduced their own flavours, leaving a lasting impact on the country's culinary landscape. 

One such dish is “Empanadas Arabes”, also known as Fatay or Sfeeha wraps. 

These pastries are filled with well-seasoned meat and enclosed in dough similar to pizza, often shaped into triangles and baked.

The combination of zesty lemon, sharp onion, fresh tomatoes, and seasoned meat creates a burst of flavors in every bite. 

Empanadas come in a wide range of styles, with different methods of cooking, dough types, and fillings. Some variations include baked or fried empanadas, made with puff pastry or shortcrust dough, and filled with a variety of ingredients such as meat, vegetables, or cheese.

The possibilities for empanadas are vast, differing from province to province and even country to country across the Latin American continent. 

From traditional to innovative, the diverse range of fillings and styles of empanadas offers a rich culinary experience which you cannot miss!

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